• Quality ISO 9001
• Environment ISO 14001
• Weld ISO 3834-2
• Weld Trains EN 15085-2

The story about Sweden's oldest new subcontractor

Ellagro is the result of several long term subcontractors have joined under a common name. In this way we mobilizes decades of technology and production expertise to create a top manufacturing partner of systems and components.

Our milestones:

1955: Lundbergs Plåt is founded in Västerås, Sweden, by Arne ”Flajden” Lundberg, a famous bandy player
1976: Lundbergs Plåt move into own facilities at Tunbytorpsgatan 20
1981: The Pira family acquires Lundbergs Plåtand immediately begin developing the company
1986: Plåtspecialisten is founded by Kent Ahlmark, Lars Andersson and Örjan Flermoen
1992: Plåtspecialisten is at the forefront of technological development in Sweden, investing the nation’s fifteenth laser cutter machine
1995: Lundbergs Plåt invests in quality and are certified early on by ISO 9001
1996: Plåtspecialisten moves into their current facility at Handelsgatan 1
2000: Plåtspecialisten launches its operation in machining
2007: The production area for copper details double at Lundbergs Plåt
2009: Plåtspecialisten invests in an ABB Welding Robot with CMT equipment
2011: Ellagro Group acquires Lundbergs Plåt, renamed to Ellagro Västerås
2011: Lundbergs Plåt receives welding certifications by ISO 3438-2 and EN 15085
2011: Plåtspecialisten receives environmental certification by ISO 14001
2012: The assembly plant in Örebro is opened
2013: Ellagro Group acquires Plåtspecialisten, renamned to Ellagro Örebro
2013: Plåtspecialisten makes further investments in processing
2014: Ellagro, is born through joining Plåtspecialisten and Lundbergs Plåt
2016: Invests in several new milling and turning machines
2017: Install a new gas- and plasma cutting machine in Västerås, with a flexible cutting head
2018: Add a new fiberlaser cutting machine in Örebro, able to cut copper
2019: Invest in the latest bending machine with automatic tool changer in Örebro
2020: Invest in 2 new milling machines in Örebro
2020: Builds our first solar panel facility, making us self sufficient in green energy in Västerås
2020: Ellagro Group acquires Cepa Sp. z o.o. in Bykov Poland, renamned to Ellagro Poland
2021: Our new powder coating line in Poland is approved and production ramps up
2022: We expand our facility with 3000 sqm in Bykov, almost doubling our production area