Ellagro goes renewable and climate smart!

Ellagro goes for green electricity from water- and wind power and invests in cutting edge compressor equipment that will reduce our energy consumption with more than 50 per cent in both Örebro and Västerås.

To us it is natural to think climate smart, hence, we selected a 3-year cooperation agreement with Skellefteå Kraft as a distributor of our electricity. Skellefteå Kraft will distribute 100 per cent electricity from water-, wind- and bio power. We selected Skellefteå Kraft whilst they could assure a certificate of the originality of the electricity, we believe in water power as a renewable power resulting in zero CO2 emission.

We want to be in the forefront of power efficiency in our industry. We invested in cutting edge compressor equipment reducing our energy consumption with more than 50 per cent. In addition to the positive environmental impact, the new investment will improve our up-time almost removing the risk of stoppages.

We aim to be a long term competitive company and we believe in sustainability as a success factor, hence we will continue investing climate smart.