The Ellagro Scholarship 2015 goes to Gustav Eriksen

Gustav Eriksen (to the left) Martin Kristiansson (to the right)

The Ellagro Scholarship was established in 2012 and is yearly rewarded a graduating student in senior high school that displays a high drive, inspires others and who are and want to be a part of technology development – and whom always give everything he or she got!

”Gustav is a positive person always keen to learn more, he also has the courage to question what he does not understand or thinks is wrong.

Gustav is a true doer, he is not standing still waiting for something to happen, rather me makes sure it is done. Gustav has at several occasions had the privilege to represent the School in official matters, something he has done with splendour.

Gustav is great role model and source of inspiration to others and his positive spirit has spread to the others in his class."